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New York Daily News cover with Donald Trump

The Shakespeares, my one-act about the Bard in retirement, has been published by the wonderful people at Eldridge. Here’s the play’s website.

Essay in the Hartford Courant about why Catholics should say, “Get Thee Behind Me, Trump.”

A short story I’ve always been extra fond of, “Mercy’s Dog,” is going to be published in a Main Street Rag anthology of ghost stories. You can pre-order Polterguests for half price!


It’s my website so I get to say …

I decided it was a good time to reread Long Day’s Journey Into Night. (When is it not?) So I went to one of my town’s two postage stamp libraries. The first did not stock the book, but the catalogue told me it was available at the other. I hurried across town before it closed.

I found a shabby copy of the play that hadn’t been checked out in nine years. (Do they not teach Long Day’s Journey in high school anymore? Eugene O’Neill invented American theater. I think that’s worth a spot on the syllabus. But, I digress.) The librarian noted that it had discard stamped on it.

“We would have gotten rid of this. We have so little space,” she said.

“I always feel sorry for a book when I see that no one has taken it out in years,” I replied. I immediately thought that it was a precious thing to say and that the librarian probably thought I was nuts.

She smiled warmly. “Well, I expect we’ll keep it, because a patron checked it out. It was waiting for you.”

Librarians. Where would we be without librarians?

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New York Daily News cover with Donald Trump

Great stuff

“What did it cost to be Eugene O’Neill?” Lloyd Richards asks. A great documentary on the great man. There are a couple of clips of Al Pacino “acting,” but the rest of it is terrific enough to offset this.

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